Scifi Imaginarium


The holidays are about family, and one thing geeks know is that family comes in all shapes and sizes. And let’s be honest: those stick figure families on the car in front of you just don’t tell the full story, and they never will.

After all, who wants to be just a generic “man” or “woman”? Is there anybody here who would be satisfied just describing their kids as “baseball player” or “ballerina”? No, whether you’re trying to express your true self, creating a collection of your “family of choice” or just parenting right, you need these fandom-related car decal sets.

One great thing about these is that it’s not just a couple of generic decals, either; the basic Star Wars set comes with 50 decals from Darth Vader to child Luke and Leia (or adult versions) to Jawas, and you can even buy a “Scum and Villainy Booster Pack”. The Star Trek sets (both TOS and TNG) come with lots of options, from adult and child crew members to various aliens.

Except for Batman. That one is … well, let’s just say if you’re buying that you probably live alone.

As always, we thank you for your support!

Scifi Imaginarium


(Originally posted 2017-12-21 01:24:55)