4 Replies to “Hollywood Is Nearing Its Superhero Saturation Point”

  1. Well… When you have a release map of like what… 15 20 movies lined up… You sort of have to question it.

    Is it the genre itself or the over promoting and over hyping for a year or two prior to the release with 3 teasers and 3 trailers that is making it feel saturated?

    Or perhaps it just feels like hollywood is running out of ideas and taking stories already there and turning them into movies.

    Or perhaps studios are less willing to gamble on other types of scripts as they will usually not provide the same market value/revenue with the associated products down the line.

    Think how many action figure and “iron man” or “hulk” bday party accessories they can shell out and get you to buy to please your kid. You cant get that kind of revenue with a dramatic or romantic flick.

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