11 Replies to “Why Do Marvel Movies Outperform DC’s? This Study May Know”

  1. Because they don’t take themselves too seriously and actually understand the characters.

  2. Another reason is the same reason the comics did better in the early days. Marvel uses much brighter colors and alot more humor they always have and it’s always been successful because of that. That early success lead to better artists and writers over the years. Now Disney owns it so….game over for DCU lol

  3. Thing is Batman and Superman are by far the best known superheroes worldwide and possibly the most popular comic sales by volume. So it’s gotta be the scriptwriters The storyline is from a comic book after all

  4. I think the Marvel movie style is more like a comic book on film. The shots could be directly taken directly from comic panels.

  5. The Dark Knight trilogy and Wonder Woman being exceptions, the other DC films were mostly poorly crafted. I think it’s basically that simple. Poor dialogue killed off empathy for the protagonists, ham-handed plot issues are then easier to detect and bash. Terrible editing and continuity and so in.

    Even follow up Batman movies fell into the mire of reminding us constantly of Bruce Wayne’s childhood…seriously, we get it and know where he comes from. Move on and show him fighting crime etc.

  6. The reason Marvel movies succeed is because they connect with mainstream audiences outside comic book fandom. With the exception of Wonder Woman, DC films don’t. A lot of people scoff at Marvel’s use of comedy, but it allows non comic book fans an avenue into the story. DC’s darker tone may appeal to some comic fans but not mainstream audiences, which you need to make a blockbuster.

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