11 Replies to “Netflix CEO Thinks Critics Who Disliked Bright Are ‘Disconnected’”

  1. It lacked a bit of initial world building and felt like it should have been movie 2 of a trilogy but i loved it and the soundtrack was fantastic!

  2. It’s called “choice”. You cannot force anyone to like a show. What next fine the people who don’t like it.

  3. At least it wasn’t a movie about profanity and gore or city destroying. Which is why people don’t like it. I liked it.

  4. Person responsible for the movie blames critics.

    It’s how it goes nowadays.

    It’s not the movie, it’s you!

  5. It was a grea t movie. Cant wait for the sequel. Modern critics have odd taste and are absolutely 100% out of touch. One need only compare Rotten Tomatoes critic scores to user reviews to verify this is true.

    The critics have rendered themselves irrelevant.

  6. I liked it. Not a mind busting movie, but it was a good old social commentary on racial inequalities and the class system and fantastic Will Smith humour.

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