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  1. I’m actually over it now. There is some amazing new sci fi on Netflix and more to come. It makes Firefly look a bit jaded.

  2. Should bring back stargate could have had so many more enemies in other galaxies. Same with the series on the space craft traveling through the halaxies with the stargate on it. They left it open to continue. Wish they would.

  3. Wait a gorram minute – what about the comic book continuation of the story? “Leaves on the Wind” and “No Power in the Verse” are phenomenal as is “The Shepard’s Tale” (though that’s the backstory of Shepard Book and not a continuation after “Serenity” like the others). Hell, they just released a third continuation and both Joss and Jed Whedon say they intend to continue producing the series for the foreseeable future. So really, there’s not any withdrawal if you are a REAL fan.

  4. the ‘verse still remains in the graphic novels…well worth checking out especially a Shepard’s Tale

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