6 Replies to “Infinity War could finally tear Marvel film and TV apart”

  1. Meh, I disagree with the gist of the article. Most shows only have a slew of characters which is a drop in the bucket compared to the entire planet, let alone whatever city population they’re in. Would it be a coincidence that the main characters of these shows don’t disappear? Eh. As long as it’s referenced that some have face value is saved.

  2. Exactly how were the TV series characters supposed to help? A short battle took place in New York with Iron Man, Spider-Man and a couple of wizards :). Were the Defenders / A of S supposed to drop everything and rush to the location. Maybe they did but the battle was over when they arrived. The other battles took place in Scotland and Wakanda (and outer space), not exactly locations you could get to easily.

  3. It is not difficult to have the TV and movie universes connect they just need to try a little harder. Example: Spidey senses the “Ring craft” landing. He is on a bus driving away from Manhattan, he exits the bus and swings through Hell’s Kitchen on the way to the battleground. On one of the Netflix shows you have a character look up and spot Spider-Man swinging overhead. BAM! They’re connected and no real explanation needed. Heck just show someone walking pass Avenger’s Tower or the Sanctum Sanctorum. They don’t need to be part of the story just make cameos occasionally and everyone stays part of the same universe. Your don’t even need the actual actors to appear just doubles in the background. Easier with the costume characters, of course.

  4. So they could have alternate time lines, but neither the movies or the tv show are doing anything with this. Really? So AoS aren’t in the middle of a time loop that they are trying to break? Lazy fqn writing in this article.

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