25 Replies to “Thor Should Replace Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy”

  1. No, although I expect to see a big change in Star-Lord next time we see him.

  2. I can’t express myself properly without memes is what I think about this. 😞💅👉👈

  3. Why? Admittedly, Star Lord was a bit weak in Infinity war, that was down to poor writing on his role, but he’s brilliant in guardians of the galaxy.

  4. Nope. They are both exactly where and who they should be. Leave it alone.

  5. Nope. Star-Lord is too important to the Guardians dynamic to be replaced. I would like more spacegoing Thor adventures though — it’d be easy enough to use Thor to introduce Beta Ray Bill, who could be a part of Phase 4 if they then went and introduced Bill’s team, the Star Masters. Alternatively, they could introduce Bill and the future Thor and do a Thor Corps movie. Plenty of ways for Thor to have adventures with a team in space without hijacking someone else’s. Ideally, we’d get the Guardians AND Thor Corps AND the Star Masters. After GotG 3, which is apparently the last one with this lineup of Guardians, Thor could certainly lead the team for a movie, but there’s no need to boot Star-Lord out prematurely to have that.

  6. If anything, Drax should replace Thor 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. You can’t do that. Only he could save the galaxy with a dance off. Leave him alone.

  8. Lmao Thor’s got better things to do than argue with drax. Star Lord can deal with that. And rocket.

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