What Will Constitute Success and Failure for Solo: A Star Wars Story?


What Will Constitute Success and Failure for Solo: A Star Wars Story?

Samuel Brace on Solo: A Star Wars Story and what will constitute success and failure for the Anthology movie… After all the talk, after all the gossip, calumny, hope and despair, Solo: A Star Wars Story is oh so nearly upon us. No matter if you wanted it not, Solo is on its way. The …


(Originally posted 2018-05-05 20:21:25)

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  1. I really wish it didn’t feel like such a gamble to see it. Have a lot of movies that I want to see this summer and when considering that I usually take the whole family it raises the costs. I guess as long as it isn’t horribad then it will at least be some pleasant family time but it sucks that Star Wars movies are a gamble now when they never used to be.

  2. It’s a shame that we are discussing it. Everyone craps on the prequels yet kids love it. Everyone was dissing TFA & TLJ when I think they did their job; they left me wanting more. In all Star Wars there are elements I don’t like, so what?
    Solo looks like fun, an escape. An opportunity to forget about life’s troubles for a couple hours. It’s the butthurt that ruin the movies.

  3. Let’s just treat it as a stand alone movie and enjoy it as such without all the baggage that the Star Wars “Universe” now seems to bring.

  4. My excitement is coming from Rogue One, I don’t think a movie has ever made a forty year old one better. After what TLJ did, maybe the stand alones are the way to go. We’ll see in a couple of weeks

  5. Success would be a story about how Solo got so cool. He would be a dynamic character that started out as not HAN SOLO. He start off more like Luke. He would have an adventure that would leave him jaded, betrayed and defeated. What we will get instead is Han that shot back after Gredo somehow missed him from 2 feet away. The movie will be loud, fast and boring. I just wish the average person was smart enough to know the difference between an ok sci-fi fantasy movie and Empire Strikes Back.

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