25 Replies to “Why Are So Many Major Franchise Movies Underperforming In 2019?”

  1. Because remakes and sequels are cool, But where are the new originals at? Another MIB, Another Hellboy, Another Xmen, love em all, but ready for Stranger Things the movie

  2. It’s the writing. Have any of these “underperforming” movies had really excellent writing? I’d say too much interference but YMMV

  3. Maybe chucking 200 million at every movie isn’t a good idea? Hollywood is always looking for a billion dollar movie. Maybe make smaller movies with better scripts

  4. Because they aren’t owned by Disney… yet. XMen was already made before Disney brought Fox.

  5. Cause they have a crap storyline, bad acting, and they are really rired looking. Hollywood needs to get new stuff

  6. Because of oversaturation…I can’t keep up therefore I do not get involved.

  7. Because they are remakes or sequels or reboots no one really wanted. Put the Dark Phoenix storyline to rest already. And many have new casting choices that just don’t sit well with fans of the originals. I’m talking to you, Hellboy.

  8. Why, because MOST of the movies plot lines SUCKED before they even started filming .

  9. Because the “actors,” think the are obligated to an opinion on politics. They aren’t.

  10. Pandering to the masses. Or the studios outdated view in the masses. Alot of the age group these are aimed at now know the backstory and lore and the studio still pushes out the universal story for every movie. Make it fan worthy not “popular” if you kn9w what I mean.

  11. Because nobody really wanted these stories telling. MIB is a Will Smith franchise. Dark Phoenix has already been done. Hellboy wasn’t Ron Pearlman. I’m surprised these ideas ever got a green light. I don’t know anyone in my little genre fan bubble who was excited about any of these films. The X-Men kiss of death was the X-Women spot.

  12. Too many people go off word of mouth or reviews instead of having an opinion for themselves.

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