There’s a weird thing that has been happening in scifi in the last couple of decades. Fans who grew up loving a particular thing, like comic books, or Doctor Who, or Star Wars, are now adults, and old enough to not just introduce their children to their childhood loves, but also to want that childhood love to grow up with them.

And if you’re a “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” fan, you’re in luck — if you move fast. “Legend of the White Dragon” is a film about what happens to the Rangers after the show ends, and its crowdfunding campaign ends on August 11. One of its stars, Jason Faunt, talked with Scifi Imaginarium at Wizard World in Pittsburg last month, and we asked him why the show has hung around so long.

“God,” he said, “that is the age-old question nobody really has an answer to. I think that they just found a formula that identified with young kids. It’s colors, and explosions, and then we mix in some life tales and disciplinary stories and redeeming factors and great characters and it just kind of worked. I think now it’s kind of found its stride because the kids have become adults, and the adults are having kids, and they’re able to just bring it on back. I think it’s stuck around long enough to where it just kind of recycled itself.”

It’s that adult audience that “Legend of the White Dragon” is targeting. “We’re trying to create that older demographic, that older storyline that lets the fans who have grown with us see older content. The Power Rangers franchise has their formula, and it works great for them. They want to stay there, and some of us that have gotten older want to take this to a little bit of a different level. We see the vast success things like Marvel have had, and a lot of other Superhero stuff, so ‘Legend of the White Dragon’ is the story of what’s gone on with these four Power Rangers after they’re done. We’re creating a script and a Kickstarter to try and get this movie done so we can make this older content Power Ranger movie.”

But crowdfunding can be a weird beast. As we write this, we can see the Kickstarter is still short of its $500,000 goal, but in the past 24 hours it seems to have gained about $30,000, so it’s likely fans are rallying at the last minute. But will it be enough? “I know that when we come to these conventions,” Faunt says, “we have an amazing fan base and we have an amazing connection with them. I think we’re that very unique show that has communication with their fans. I think that they like being a part of it, and I think there’s a connection there and they want to see us succeed. But we’ll see what happens.”


The Legend Has Returned…