25 Replies to “POLL: Should Warner Bros. Reboot Harry Potter?”

  1. And destroy the lucrative merchandise already on the market??

    …there’s bloody libraries filled with original movie ideas ffs! :/

  2. No find another book series to do. DragonLance is one of my choices, it has tons of book, you get fantasy lovers, D&D lovers, and even ride the success’s of Game of Thrones. Plus I need to see Raistlin on the big screen

  3. No, Harry Potter Potter should not be remade until Radcliffe is old enough to play Dumbledore. Emma can play McGonagall, and Rupert can play Hagrid

  4. no well not right now. i,m sure there are lots of stories to tell from he potterverse without using harry hermione and ron. try something original

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