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  1. Yeah cause the fans loved the prequels. People forget the outcry for someone to take Star Wars away from Lucas not that many years back.

  2. Of course he should have! What was he doing with it?!?! Nothing! Plus, you think he doesn’t still get a piece of the action too? Hm

  3. Why not? He made 4.8 billion dollars from the sale of Lucasfilm and still gets a percentage. 🤔

  4. Neither of them are saying this. Stop crying because Disney didn’t make a shot for shot film of your expectations.

  5. Perhaps you have forgotten the horrific acting in Attack of the Clones that George approved! Or midichlorians! Or JarJar!! Or Vader’s awful “Nooooo!” at the end of Revenge of the Sith!! 😄

  6. BS, these so called fans complained about the prequels, attacked George Lucas. That’s why Lucas sold, because he didn’t want to deal with these whining virgin beeyatches. Make up your minds and grow up!

  7. Lucas selling to Disney was the best thing he could have done after those sub par prequels.

  8. He was ruining the ordinal 3 already. The Force Awakens started to right the course, but Last Jedi went off the rails.

  9. Disney don’t even know anything about star wars, they tried uncanonising how the sith actually began and where they came from?!

  10. Ive been able to enjoy everything that Lucas/Disney have made. Sure some are better than others but ALL are Star Wars.

  11. 1) Man can do what he wants. It was his IP. 2) My kids can’t understand why I like IV, V, and VI, but they loved I, II, and III. 3) I was in the theater when my wife cried because Rey was her Jedi and Star Wars became hers too.

    Those who whine about how it “just isn’t Star Wars” miss the point. It may not be THEIR Star Wars… but it became someone’s in that moment so I am on board with where is has come from (even when I was not 100% on board… dear Gds… II and III… WHY?!?! One was so promising!) and where it is going to go.

  12. he’s just like everybody else drawn to money! if you have more of it you are more powerful, although he was very powerful when he was in control of his own franchise now we have to deal with kid-friendly Star wars movies. and Yoda making jokes! I used to love Star wars now it’s like everything else, ruined!

  13. George Lucas made 4 5 6 and 1 2 3 and lot of people complained so he sold to Disney 7 Rogue One 8 Solo and lots of people complained and now they say they want George Lucas back.

    Other people who have to complain
    -Hate Ewoks
    -Hate Stormtroopers
    -Hate Jar Jar
    -Hate Prequels
    -Hate Dialogue
    -Hate Special Editions
    -Hate Disney
    -Hate The Force Awakens becouse its to much like A New Hope
    -Hate The Last Jedi it too different and not Star Wars
    -Hate Porgs
    -Hate Rey and Rose

    Them: I love Star Wars and i’m the only true Star Wars fan.

    Me: What do you like about?

    Them: Nothing I hate everything they did but I still love it.


  14. It’s a series of movies made for entertainment, get over it. Don’t like them, don’t watch them

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