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  1. Why almost everyone on the planet is a whiny little shit who can’t take criticism.

  2. Excuse me but….I AM FROM THE 1950’S and I have a pretty good grasp of life here in the 20teens….you owe me an apology lol

  3. If you see people with their pants walking with their pants down, no there is no shortage of belts

  4. I don’t think anyone would notice because their faces would be planted in their devices having pointless arguments and reading everyone’s life stories lol 🤣🤣

  5. How we are possibly still soo stupid. How there are still hungry people when we throw away so much food.. it’s almost limitless…

  6. It’s funny, but also sad as hell…. so much potential yet somehow we are all dumber for having it….

  7. Goebbels propaganda tactics have be co-opted by all the world’s media. And nearly every bit of “news,” is completely falsified. Pravda attempted the same but as usual, American media made them blush. Fortunately, people aren’t as stupid as it seems, and the media narrative of convincing you your eyes are lying is beginning to fail.

  8. I have to explain to them that the modern republican party is the complete opposite from Ikes. Tell them that the middle class was wiped out by greedy corporatist repubs and that the current potus has had multiple bankruptcies and is on the verge of destroying the country

  9. That nazis and Russia are vying for control of the US and many “conservative” Americans are all about their ideological stances.

  10. And shortly there after, the stranger from the 50’s, fully knowing they cannot return to the past and correct this future nonsense, promptly and effectively kills themself.

  11. How there are no boys or girls just a bunch of whatevers who are offended by EVERYTHING

  12. The answer is more explicable than trying to explain Brexit or that Trump is the leader of the free world.

  13. Momma’s cellular 📲 or TV 📺 or vehicle 🚗 weren’t the same neither… your point is…?

  14. Of course trying to convince them that most people would find this funny and just move on, would be a hassle too.

  15. … And a handful of companies control what information is readily available to billions of people…

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