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  1. Spin the earth back in time so I can not get married Lol and also averting the death of JFK and nabbing the actual shooter.

  2. On the one hand, Supes is immortal but can’t have sex with just anyone (without causing serious damage). On the other, Bats is super rich but will eventually die. I guess Bats it is!

  3. With intelligence, knowledge, engineering, tech, investigative and deductive ability.
    But yeah, I is alien, me strong and fast, me have laser eyes. Supermam smash

  4. I’d super clean the house then fly to Paris for a coffee – just because I can

  5. First thing I’d do is tell my wife I got a new job , doesn’t pay anything but it will be rewarding in other ways .

  6. Put a halt to all government activity and military activity, or else. Assess what needs to be shut down and tossed in terms of wildlife and the environment. Clean house from there. Far right, isis, all those who would threaten our future, into the sun. 😉

  7. Join the NFL, set untouchable records, then the NBA, MLB and NHL. Smash the most sacred Olympic Records. Destroy all military armaments that threaten the entire world.

  8. Tell K’Lex, the AI that runs the Fortress of Soiltude to get me all the dirt on Donald Trump, and leak it onto the Internet.

  9. Half the time I have no idea who I am when I wake up let alone knowing I’m superman you would prolly think being a guy I’d do something pervy or inappropriate but tbh your exactly right I’d check out my super dong to see if its bigger or better than my old ding. 🙂 then I’d grab a coffee n have a smoke while thinking of cool things to try…

  10. Change my name to zod and go on a super conquest spree starting in d.c. and then Kentucky Texas etc

  11. 1st Get a Better Disguise
    2nd Remember that while I am bullet proof others are not.
    3rd Keep my activities on a super low detection.
    4th Figure out a way to make enough money for my family to live comfortably without me actually working.
    5th Do what I can to help those who cannot help themselves.

  12. why do i need superman powers when am.already a sorcerer voodo preist occultist like john Constantine or brother voodoo

  13. thus spoke Zarathustra ithyphallic man squaring the circle square as well as round. Hand of God reaching from cloud. see agent 488. check the parachute radiation fall out

  14. Put out the fires in the Amazon ..
    then find the ones who started them!

  15. He might be an unstable orphan but hes a BILLIONAIRE. Superman makes a basic reporters wage.

  16. First thing I’d do is the same as if I suddenly woke up as any other man………!

  17. Bye a bag of Kingsford Charcoal, spend an hour squeezing the briquettes into perfect diamonds, etch my initials into each one, stash them somewhere safe and then get on with flying around and doing super stuff.

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