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  1. He did though. According to the rules they set up for time travel Steve would actually have created an alternate timeline by staying with Peggy. He can’t change his own past because it’s his present/future. That being said that entire scene is from the other timeline he created. But that being said they didn’t return the baseball glove to Hawkeyes house either so…

  2. Didn’t they change history anyway when the version of Thanos they killed was from 2014, before he even got the stones?

  3. Your past becomes your new future while your previous present is your past… Or something 🤔

  4. because it hurt the writers heads trying to figure out time travel so they just didn’t bother

  5. I’m all in that he lived a new time line for himself by staying and growing old. But then how did he join up with his old time line? They merely had to walk over to talk to him. He shouldn’t have been able to even be there.

  6. Also, for all the Cap fans out there, think of it like this. Cap knows Thanos is coming. Regardless of what he does. But he knows that if history pans out how it did, they will beat him. But… if he changes history, the Avengers may never form. And nothing would be there to stop Thanos when he arrives. Therefore, he is honor bound to not interfere. And like they said, Cap was always Peggy’s husband. Therefore, the timeline he experienced, was the timeline where he went back to her and let history be what it was.

  7. How is this even a question? If he is not as innocuous as possible once with Peggy making as little difference as possible outside of their coupling he becomes an alternate timeline and doesn’t get back to our endgame timeline this would appear to no longer exist to the people waiting for him. Nothing says there aren’t thousands of alternate timelines each triggered from him fixing a different problem at different points in time each one being his ‘first’ try to make things better just for him to get back within ‘our’ timeline he would have successfully controlled that impulse in order to have the time with Peggy AND get back to his friends. How strong he must be to not intervene when he could have knowing it’s for a greater good eventually even if not individually good.

  8. I dont like time travel/alt timelines/multiverses, this is going to get as diluted as DC quickly

  9. Ignoring the directors comment, going by the movie alone I’d rather assumed that cap lived his life in an alternate timeline and returned after Peggy’s death to his original one.
    He could go absolutely wild in his own timeline and change whatever he wants, even becoming president and prepare for Thanos from the 60s on. (Which still would make sense since Peggy Carter doesn’t seem to be the kind of woman who WANTS to settle for a quiet life.
    That or the cap from the end was from another timeline and “ours” is the alternative one.
    Anything else is just a giant plot hole given the established time travel rules.

  10. I really really wish they found a different way to end caps story, this one falls apart when you think about it too much.

  11. I agree with the time loop theory. But what does Kevin Fiege say? Because it’s his world and whatever he says is gospel.

  12. This is bullshit! It almost seems like there were never really an ending to this story. Natasha is Alive, Stark is Alive, Gamora is Alive. Everybody is Alive they only showed us a part of the many different timeline.

  13. If he was going through an alternate timeline he wouldn’t have ended up in the same timeline at the end to give falcon the shield

  14. I’m sure it was hard for Steve to sit by and do nothing all those years, but he had to. Same exact reason Dr. Strange gave the Time Stone to Thanos. Any deviation from that plan would end up with Thanos wiping out half of everything. And we know it went like that because that was the timeline we ended up in. There was no alternate timeline because the timeline we saw always had Cap living out his life as an old man.

  15. If we assume that cap was always in the mcu timeline and was peggys secret husband; its likely he didnt involve himself with any major events for one very simple reason… it may have been the only way that endgame turns out the way it does. He may have even consulted strange on the idea.

  16. Say you killed Hitler before the Third Reich came to power. Who’s to say that history would be better for it? How do we know that a worse person wouldn’t have taken his place without the example of evil that Hitler’s existence gave us? There’s no guarantee that Cap would’ve created a better future, and changing the past might prevent a future where the Avengers ultimately defeat Thanos and reverse the Snap/Blip.

  17. BS they screwed the movie in the end by making this mistake. Just they go with the more sentimental Captain by making this siting in a bench were the correct way was to have him back in time and then return to the past🤷🏻‍♂️.

  18. Flaw in their reasoning: by going back and spending his life with Peggy already changes the future.

    Here’s something to blow minds. It’s possible that by having the knowledge of what’s going to happen and when, it’s Steve that caused everything to happen by trying to stop them from never occurring in the first place.

  19. *Writers desperately trying to make people ignore Captain America letting 9/11 happen*

    “Uh… we wrote him that way… oh, that isn’t a real reason? ‘Cause… time… travel… rules?”

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