13 Replies to “Disney is leading the charge against Netflix by returning to weekly episode releases”

  1. That’s weird I like to binge I tend to avoid streaming services that you have to watch it one a week

  2. 👎 not wanted Disney. We would’ve preferred you not making yet another streaming service and just stuck to content. This reinforces that.

  3. What a great way to show the young, the meaning of waiting for something, the anticipation of looking forward to something instead of having it right all now.

  4. A huge corporation is ‘leading the charge’ against another huge corporation.

    Forgive me if I’m not excited.
    I will continue to search for my stories from people passionate about the message they are trying to communicate, not just the return on the investment

  5. They are only doing this so that they can maintain their subscribers full time, instead of people only subscribing long enough to binge a whole series and then unsubscribing.

    It ain’t rocket science or particularly innovative.

  6. Resist what the customer wants.

    Yeah, that’s corporatism, not capitalism..

  7. Love it. Never “binged”, never will. I have this thing called a life, so I watch when I can.

  8. I understand the reasoning: keep people watching and get them hooked. Bummer for folks like me, who prefer it as a single dump. I may simply wait until the whole show comes out before watching it.

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