8 Replies to “Emperor Palpatine’s Return Is Instrumental to ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Says Daisy Ridley”

  1. Disney has completely mismanaged this series and run the franchise into the ground…how sad.

  2. And this is why there can never be another “Luke I’m your father” moment social media has ruined the element of surprise

  3. Seem like every year we getting a star wars movie. Back then it was every 4 to 5 years, guessing to keep people in suspense, wanting more. Disney is completely destroying this franchise. Haven’t they learned? Look what happened to the last Jedi, that was a complete disaster!

  4. Well, he was in Return of the Jedi. Makes sense he’d be brought back for this one. Call it Abram’s Symmetry.

  5. Disney:Ok people Last Jedi sucked we need ideas.
    Smart guy #1: Ok let’s make it a fun movie with fresh ideas and make sure the story makes sense.
    Smart guy #2: And no more Mary Sue crap…we need a hero that’s relatable.
    Disney: Ok you two are fired, anybody else?
    Corporate stooge: we could bring back someone from when the franchise didn’t suck….maybe somebody who’s really really dead..


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