17 Replies to “Marvel Shows What’s Under The THING’s Stone (and It’s Awful)”

  1. Reminds me of Star Trek’s horta after Kirk shot it with a phaser, except where the horta was white underneath, Ben is pink.

  2. Wins one fight out of 50? That makes him stronger? No, that makes him the winner of that fight.

  3. I understand that The Thing is tough and his skin is craggy, but I never once thought it was actual rock. Is that not the case?

  4. Already happened once before, years ago, when Ben got the business end of Wolverine’s claws.

  5. Marvel did not settle “who is strongest”. The Hulk is the strongest there is. He was mind-controlled and in no way fighting at his peak. This is laughable.

  6. I still didn’t see what was under it…. looks like his own flesh ? Red blood and stuff yeah?

  7. So he basically looks like the parody character of himself from the venture brothers? That’s actually hilarious 😆

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