10 Replies to “Marvel TV Release Schedule: Every Upcoming MCU Series”

  1. This is the place mutants can build a strong story line instead of trying to cramp the complexities of the X-men into a movie.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing Ghost Rider.

    (Sidenote: I’m curious, of two comments on this post, the “Most relevant is selected, so some comments may have been filtered out,” so I just get to see one comment.)


  3. Just started watching season 6 on Netflix and I have to tell you I am really going to miss Colson.
    . Okay no spoilers still a bit dark

  4. I think they may have started this too late. Waiting over a year for wandavision, Hawkeye, falcon and winter soldier, and what if will take these stories nearly 2 years after endgame. Will interest hold up over that amount of time?

  5. I dont like this at all. Is some of phase four in television shows. I may be wrong but if so im done. I just cant committ to tv like i used too.

  6. What a con. Half of page missing. Can someone please tell me when they are coming out and what platform. Thank you

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