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  1. I didn’t read the article.

    But I know he lives to meet Picard, tries to unify the Romulus and Vulcan people. Which fails when the Romulan star dies.

    Spock, in an attempt to stop it is pulled into a time anomaly.

    Goes back in time and meets himself in a successful alternate timeline the same as the MCU has been trying to explain after there time movie (End Game)

    He lives out his days being a man out of time and reality never to be seen in the prime time again.

  2. He died in one Movie, the Young Spock was notified, of his death in one scene….

  3. “Spock is the signature character from the franchise”.

    Shhh! Don’t let Shatner hear you say that.

  4. As has been pointed out in this thread, he dies. Don’t forget, he was removed from his timeline by Nero, never to return. He had already outlived his counterparts by decades when he was reunited with the younger versions of all, including himself. He was not trying to reunify Romulans and Vulcans in his new (Kelvin) timeline. He found a suitable planet on which to build a Vulcan colony and restore his species. As we saw in Into Darkness, he was on “New Vulcan” doing that work. We were all notified of Spock’s death in Beyond. The question, “what ever happened……) is moot.

  5. After he destroyed Romulus he traveled to the past and met his former self in an alternate timeline. He then later died. 😢

  6. It’s a huge shame Leonard isn’t still alive. It would have been extremely fitting for him to appear in the new Picard series considering the subject matter and Picard’s involvement in the evacuation of Romulus.

  7. What happened to Spock after TOS and the movies? STD came along and totally destroyed his character completely!

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