13 Replies to “Star Wars 9 Trailer Has Major Clue That Rey Is Now A Jedi Master”

  1. Umm NO. The order is fragmented and broken. ~200-300 survived the purge, and vader tracked down and killed ~100 leaving various numbers because you cant really confirm.

    Of those who have known to survive I know of only a handful of actual “Masters” If anything she graduated form a Youngling to a Padawan skill side. In all seriousness she is untrained and the training she has gotten came from Luke.. Yeah Yoda is the bomb but in the limited time he had to train and due to the altered cannon of the film series she isnt trained for shit a graduated youngling/young padawan from the time of the clone wars could probably go toe to toe with her.

  2. Kylo Ren is a Skywalker, not Rey. If they make them cousins or some dumb shit like that, then the franchise is over. Kylo needs to redeem himself, help the rebellion, and kill Rey. But wait, he can’t kill her, she’s a Mary Sue type character. Oh well, didn’t care much for the Last Jedi since they built up Snoke and then easily killed him with zero explanation to whom or what he was. Eh, fuck Disney.

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