5 Replies to “10 Storylines That Won’t Be Resolved If Spider-Man Is Out Of The MCU”

  1. i dont get it? how come they were able to use him in the recent saga but not anymore?

  2. 10. Introducing: Ironheart!
    9. War Machine, of course.
    8. The MCU can still use that plotline without having to overtly mention Spider-Man.
    7. They can still use nicknames to refer to him.
    6. Sure, why not?
    5. If he’s a Sony property, he’s dead.
    4. If he’s a Sony property, it’s a non-starter.
    3. Happy’s relationships happen off-screen.
    2. Sounds like a bargaining chip for Disney/Marvel.
    1. Sounds like a bargaining chip for Sony.

  3. I don’t think people are going to boycott Disney, but they showed they are no different that every other super-rich corporation.

  4. It’s stupid to think that either way they won’t have him. I mean he was a big part of the story line. he is one of the most popular with his personality.

  5. So get over it, already. Time to put MANY of these franchises down for a while. Seriously.

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