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  1. An explanation of the chart would be nice. Like what doe the bars on the left indicate? If it is supposed ti indicate something that “happened” in the past then why does Dune have a bar on the left?

  2. Star Trek isn’t really correct, since the first film was made in the late 70s. This chart only shows the reboots.

  3. In A Clockwork Orange, the only reference in the movie or book to year is at the beginning, where Alex DeLarge describes the car they stole as a Durango 95. Not sure this is enough evidence to call the year.

  4. Hmm. Interesting that Terminator is missing. I always saw the MATRIX as a natural result of SKYNET conquering the Earth.

  5. Star trek is set between 2150 to Now 2390s, Kirk being 2260s to 2290s.. infect, first contact was set in 2063.. oh and not to mention Discovery now in the 31st century

  6. Soylent Green is almost on schedule, what with the introduction of commercial vegetable burgers today. Who knows, another three years and they probably will introduce some protein based food from plankton.

  7. I love that idiocracy is in this list. They overshot it though, it’s already happening.

  8. I thought Idiocracy was a documentary on the Trump Regime. Thought the reference to dates in the movies was just to save blushes

  9. There’s a mistake in that list, Idiocracy is set in the present day, and it’s a documentary.

  10. Of all these, AI seems to be the one movie with plausible chances of becoming real within its future setting.

  11. Ever wonder what Soylent Green tastes like? Only a couple of more years to go to!

  12. jesus christ this is great and all but you left out 2029 the year of darkness lol (terminator)

  13. We are two years away from severe over population and eating people for food. 😒😒Laravia Coleman

  14. Should have gone back further with the movies. “Metropolis” was 1926, set in 2026.

  15. … Not sure how I feel about the fact that there’s only 3 on that list I haven’t seen… yet

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