16 Replies to “Dark Shadows TV Show in Development at The CW”

  1. Let’s hope they don’t muck it up like the reboot from the 90s and the most recent movie did.

  2. Love love Dark Shadows! It originally aired on TV when I was 13 and I used to hurry home after school to watch it. I recently watched the series again. Yes, it’s dated and cheesy but full of nostalgia. I’ll give the new one a chance!

  3. I’m watching the coffin box set right now. Episode 645.
    Quentin is ruining everything and Barnabas had to go to the past to fix it…so close to real life it’s SCARY😋

  4. Watch it on youtube.
    …it’s like taking drugs without the expense with the monochrome blurring!

  5. Oh goodie another attempt, no doubt thick with overblown drama, pointless sex, and of course the PC add ons.

  6. When the Johnny Depp movie was coming out, I noticed a dvd collection of episodes from the show. I picked it up immediately. So some good came out of the movie

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