16 Replies to “Dark Shadows TV Show in Development at The CW”

  1. Love love Dark Shadows! It originally aired on TV when I was 13 and I used to hurry home after school to watch it. I recently watched the series again. Yes, it’s dated and cheesy but full of nostalgia. I’ll give the new one a chance!

  2. I’m watching the coffin box set right now. Episode 645.
    Quentin is ruining everything and Barnabas had to go to the past to fix it…so close to real life it’s SCARY😋

  3. Watch it on youtube.
    …it’s like taking drugs without the expense with the monochrome blurring!

  4. When the Johnny Depp movie was coming out, I noticed a dvd collection of episodes from the show. I picked it up immediately. So some good came out of the movie

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