11 Replies to “Stan Lee’s Daughter Sides with Sony Over ‘Spider-Man’, Isn’t Happy with Disney & Marvel”

  1. Regarding her comments, I just bought the Endgame DVD and the final cut scene is Stan Lee basically praising the MCU for bringing these Superheroes to such bold life. She states that the MCU basically desecrated Stan’s legacy. I didn’t get that from him. In any corner of the ring, I think it still only accounts to $$$.

  2. I’m pretty sure stan would want marvel involved in the spidey movies. Marvel and spidey go hand in hand.

  3. Probably fault on both sides two massive companies butting heads it’s hard to say who’s to blame, I read that marvel wanted more money than agreed for the success of spiderman they initially were contracted to 5% of the profits and wanted 50% a massive difference but not completely unreasonable, Sony basically get all the rewards for marvel’s work with spiderman atm and that its just not fair.

  4. Recommend reading: Marvel; the untold story, by Sean Howe. It’s an eye opener. The senior executives at marvel did not look good and some of them, including the current CEO, Isaac Pearlmutter actually hated Stan.
    And Stan himself didn’t have an awful lot to do with marvel on a day to day basis, he spent most of his time in Hollywood over the last few decades.
    If the book is right, the senior executives at marvel were absolutely crap, one Pearlman, former owner, absolutely raped the company.

  5. Disney has gotten too big for its boots, it’s just swallowing other companies up now like a black hole. It thinks it can do as it wants.

  6. Several months ago “Disney and Marvel can do no wrong.” Now all of a sudden everyone hates them. People can’t think for themselves.

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