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  1. Did this at same age blew me onto kitchen table with no eyebrows lol and then I got beaten up by my dad ffs shit happens

  2. I stuck my mucking fingers into a socket when I was 4 and knocked myself out. I’d like to think that was a learning experience until I dropped coffee on my laptop this morning:)

  3. At the age of 3 with the use of a screwdriver I found that I am wary of blue flashes and loud bangs. I also found out I could fly and that when hit at high speed a sofa is not as soft as it first appears.

  4. My 3 year old son (21 now) peed on the socket and shorted out half the house.

    Lucky we had a safety switch installed.

  5. Can’t remember how young I was but sticking the positive and negative wires of an electric motor into a power point does not make it spin faster.

  6. I did it with a piece of heavy gauge wire between each poles my mother saw the burn marks oh did I pay…lol

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