24 Replies to “Henry Cavill to Leave Superman for Wolverine: DCEU to MCU?”

  1. I think he’s a great Superman, but will make a brilliant Wolverine. With all of the messing about and actor/director swapping, DC don’t really deserve him.

  2. He is too tall. Will have to do some camera tricks (like they did with Hugh Jackman) to make it look right…..

  3. They will always be new actors play those roles long after we are all gone. So many stories to tell with comic books. If you can do a good job with the characters as a actor, go for it. Like Star Trek and Star Wars can still take you on a wild ride. Even Harry Potter movies can fit in many different actors and directors to tell a good story.

  4. Let’s see how well he portrays Geralt of Rivia, if he can pull off that role then he would probably be excellent as Logan

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