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  1. James Cameron: war and exploitation of primitive people and the environment is bad. But look at these bad ass explosions and gunships.

  2. People snide at avatar being a remake but almost all movies are a copy of something else if you look hard enough. Never understood why this one gets so must flack!

  3. It was a great film. Loved it. I just wish they would stop remaking Batman and Spiderman films. I mean for fucks sake. It’s getting beyond a joke now.

  4. It was Dances with Aliens, but let’s be honest, it’s all been done before. Western ,cops and robbers, war movie, road trip movie, rom com, buddy movie, romance. You can bring some new stuff to the table, but it will still be a genre movie at its heart. Unless you want to get into Lynch/Cronenberg territory, there aren’t many original ideas. You can do sci-fi like Annihilation, which was fucking bitchin’, and lost money because it was a trip. People say they want original, but they don’t. They want to bitch about how everything is a ripoff. They want a franchise. They don’t want to see the protagonist die at the end. They want an anti-hero, they don’t want a protagonist who’s a piece. I don’t envy writers/directors. They can win for trying.

  5. It’s so bloody predictable! A friend of mine saw it in Korean and the only part she couldn’t follow is why they used a guy in a wheelchair.

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