28 Replies to “Does Jennifer Lopez Have a Problem With Marvel Movies?”

  1. Let’s list the movies that Ms. Lopez has been in and the typical rags to riches stories…typical rom com which have their place which are mildly entertaining but have no substance. And who can forget (yes we try to) Gigli. Please dont blame others for the lackluster choices you have made for your work. Maybe Ms. Lopez should blame her agent for handling her career so poorly

  2. I thought this was going to be an insightful article about the ever expanding global power that is Disney… and I got more far left drivel.

  3. It’s all about the money. If an idea looks like it will make lots of money then studios will make a movie of it. Right now it’s Captain Marvel, Avengers, Wonder Woman, Black Panther etc. When these topics stop making big money they will move on to something else. Studios are only willing to make social statements in movies if it makes them money. Ms Lopez’s films (I have enjoyed a few of hers) don’t make enough money for the studios.

  4. We don’t want her in the Marvel movies to begin with she can’t act for shit. I’m still going to see Hustlers tho.

  5. What she fails to understand marvel been around for 80 years, hard not to dominate. None really cares about her.

  6. I love how people in the country, celebs in particular are quick to jump on whatever bandwagon cause is popular. Marvel has taken something simple, making a movie, and elevating it to something that is epic and masterful. It’s not their fault that Disney has so much money they can buy anything they want. The majority of marvel comics were created in the 60’s and 70’s where most heroes were white males. More recent newer heroes are of different ethnicities and sexual orientations, but those characters aren’t as well known because comics have been stigmatized as children’s books. So some of the lesser known characters are not movie headline material cause their comics aren’t sold out and reprints requested all the time. So if Jennifer Lopez has a problem with marvel movies, she is maybe part of the problem.

  7. I think the truly important issue is that Disney, being the global power that it is becoming, no longer cares about anything that can’t make it close to a Billion+ dollars at the box office……this also has an effect on it’s competitors (the shrinking number that they are) who are now seeking Billion+ dollar tent pole flicks and franchises in order to steal an appropriate amount of the Disney market share.

    This all helps to close the door for distribution of smaller films, especially those of a riskier content. With the theatres trending downwards in profits (the houses themselves and their take) it stands to reason that individual chains will choose to air the blockbusters over indie films that don’t attract as wide an audience. It seems that indie producers have already started going direct to streaming and I suspect that this will happen even more in the future….hopefully this will be enough to save small films from dying out.

  8. I don’t know why we are being asked. We’re obviously not a credible source for the answer.

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