36 Replies to “Why Didn’t Marvel Get More Progressive With Its Superheroes Sooner?”

  1. Probably because social acceptance wasn’t where it needed to be for those characters to be profitable Becca Hollywood is about making money and they’re not going to release something if they don’t genuinely think it will make money.

  2. I don’t give a fuck anymore, the fruits and Feminazi’s have ruined all decent sci-fi and the genre entertainment forever. Stan Lee would be turning in his grave.

  3. Let’s be honest the fandom has traditionally been male dominated…. Although these days it’s equalised it’s still male dominated.

  4. Idk man. They started with what they started with. Dont see the big deal. Also dont see the big deal if they do it now. I dont watch them for specifics on the character. Dont care what they identify as. Straight gay bi non binary or whatevs. I just want the heroes to be quipy and kick ass. I want the villians to be over the top and eventually defeatable. Background stuff is fine. Makes for the drama. But i do not see how sexual orientation matters. If they get their guy or girl in the end thats cool. But if it dont need to be a part of the story thats fine too.

  5. I still don’t get why they can’t just develop another character! Thor is…, well, Thor. Developing a similar character that’s female is much better than saying,”Uhhh…Thor is hot babe now,..uhhh, and she has a girlfriend? So,..thats how it is now.”

  6. Easy because with the rise of all pc movements it wasnt as profitable until now. Now they can exploit pc culture for more money so you’ll get more female heroes more heroes of different ethnicities and sexual orientations. It’s not because they are trying to be more diverse or for some altruistic reason. It’s simply because pandering to pc culture increases how much money they can make.

  7. Why didn’t they get more progressive sooner. Well could it be the times that they were written in?

  8. a man pats a guy on the ass and it’s ok in the name of sports….same people watch a guy pat a guy on the ass and say “hey sailor” and everybody loses their minds.

  9. Just reading the comments answers why. These ‘heroes’ are fictional characters. We all hold our own personal mental image of what they are and what they represent. My mental image might not match another’s but that doesn’t make me right. ‘Diversity’ is nothing to be frightened about; its just someone else’s vision. BTW, I believe James Cameron has done much better in supporting diversity in his films, most recently with Alita.

  10. How about the LGBTQ community write some of their own marvel heroes ? I’m all for equality but turning straight characters lgbtq in the name of diversity or being progressive isn’t equality it’s just an insult to the source material , I know Captain Britain was written as gay why not make a movie about him ?

  11. It really has nothing to do with the companies themselves or people purposely going out of their way to exclude people of the lgbtq community. You have to think of supply and demand. Comics first started becoming popular in the 1950s and for decades their fan base was predominantly straight white males. With that being said would it really make sense to Market a bunch of female or lgbtq characters to your fanbase or would you rather keep it as something more relatable to them? Nowadays with shows like The Big Bang Theory popularizing “geek culture” to a wider audience it has come time that opening up to a larger demographic could be more profitable thus you are starting to see a much more diverse range of characters to suit a much more diverse audience.

  12. After Avengers EndGame where they killed off Black Widow, Iron Man, made Captain America old and having a Fat Thor. I’m going to give on future films.

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