6 Replies to “Picard Can Unite Star Trek’s Divided Fandom”

  1. As long as he doesnt bring in the shit Discovery did. Almost as bad as the new Star Wars franchise.

  2. I have to disagree with screen rant (big surprise) about all of the recent ire being a change in the concept of fandom. Most of the opinions that came up about the tribute films and discovery, the “ownership” if you will, have existed since the beginning. It just wasn’t challenged. Because Star Trek and similar franchises were for nerds and nerds had their own set of standards. Then nerd culture “went mainstream” and everyone got excited without realizing it was more the other way around. Mainstream culture adopted some nerdy things and now network/studio/etc executives are changing things to cater to the mainstream and keep from losing them to their short attention span. Kind of like how pop punk tookober mainstream music for a while. But look at a lot of those pop punk stars that are still putting our records and a lot of them have gone full pop and treat those days as a fad. I try to give it the benefit of the doubt that there were a lot of new nerds added to the family and even more that could come out of the closet. There are even some good changes to the base paradigm like more inclusive characters and taboo topics broight out into the open. But when an old school nerd gets shouted out for calling foul about technology inconsistency in a Star Trek prequel we didn’t even ask for, when that kind of debate used to be the bread and butter of not only the franchise but the entire genre, there is something wrong. I just hope when sci-fi and fantasy are chewed up and spit out by mainstream bandwagon fans there is still something left.

  3. picard sounds like a mystery drama that ends with the girl saving herself.
    star trek is about coming upon a new species/tech/anomaly. and they are in some kind of conflict. the crew needs to understand the new species and understand the conflict. then work to find a resolution that works for all parties involved.
    that is Roddenberry’s star trek.
    none of the new trek even comes close to replicating that.
    it’s empty and shallow.
    its been dumbed down for the masses.
    or star wars with star trek dressing.

  4. Have it more compatible with today. Show the crew all sitting at there stations staring at their cell phones while all the action is going on around them but nobody notices. That is more in line with today. 🤣

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