‘Why does it need to be remade?’ Cary Elwes talks The Princess Bride, Mel Brooks and more


‘Why does it need to be remade?’ Cary Elwes talks The Princess Bride, Mel Brooks and more

They say that everything old is new again, and no one lives and dies by this statement like a Hollywood studio. Nostalgia is a powerful and profitable drug; it’s practically the crack cocaine of the entertainment industry, and there’s an onslaught of films and shows banking on just how addicted …


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  1. Harmless though. When you hear “Point Break”, do you actually think about the remake that flopped? No. This remake will just be a fart in the wind.

  2. …you can’t improve on some things in life…This movie was simply a work of genius, because whenever you can make a movie that kids, and adults can enjoy and share together,and laugh, and talk about when it’s over, again and again…that’s a precious commodity in my book…and it was in large part due to the brilliant casting…which made it more then just a cute fluff piece (that like a lot of similar movies, are cast aside and forgotten)…with a different cast, this movie may not have worked nearly as well…these particular people brought together, with their unique acting abilities, made this the beloved movie it still is today, and will be for years to come…😉

  3. Please don’t do that. We don’t want a remake. Come up with your own damn movie.
    There are others books.

  4. It doesn’t NEED remade..people just WANT it remade to suit them, I suppose..I like it just fine as it is..but that’s my opinion

  5. I agree with him. It’s time Hollyweird got off its collective lazy ass and coem up with more original shit. Hell, most of the MCU hasn’t even hit the bargain bin at Walmart yet, and there’s already fights over their reboots.

  6. Is he now wearing a rug? Or did he have a hair transplant? Either way, he looks much better…..For a long while there, he looked kinda like me, poor guy…….Head jealous of upper lip….lol!

  7. If they remake it, I’ll start a petition to boycott it…not that it would do anything, but I would. Lol

  8. If someone was copying the Mona Lisa, it would be obvious that no real talent is involved in remaking an original. It’s disrespectful to the original and all involved to think that “new” means “better”.

  9. It doesn’t need a reboot. It’s a classic. It’s fine the way it is. Some movies just need to be off limits from reboots and The Princess Bride is definitely one of them!

  10. No sequel, no remake… It’s perfect the way it is as a standalone. If the kids today don’t understand it, fuckem – you failed as a parent or they just don’t deserve it. Anything else would just cheapen the experience or just be written off and forgotten like Zoolander 2 for example.

  11. This is my sons fav movie. No reboot please. Some films should just be left alone, and this is one of them.

  12. Don’t even consider touching this movie. There’s some classics that can never be remade and this is definitely one of them

  13. Please don’t alter the music!!! Willie de Ville and Mark Knopfler cannot be replaced 😐😐😑😑

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