45 Replies to “Martin Scorsese Says Marvel Movies Aren’t Cinema, They’re Theme Parks”

  1. His films leave me cold and feeling nothing. MCU movies take me through the full emotional scale from laughing my head off to sobbing my heart out. Sometimes it’s not about intellect – sometimes it’s about what a film (or play) makes you FEEL – just ask Aristotle! There is room for both in the world. And neither is better than the other – it’s about what you’re needing at that particular moment – intellectual stimulation or Katharsis.

  2. I disagree with the assessment that real human emotion isn’t conveyed in the MCU. Love for friends and family, loss, sacrifice, growth as an individual, and many more are depicted in these films – and depicted well. Also, much like the comics they’re inspired from, they’re meant to be fun. But hey, Scorsese is a talented film maker with a right to his own opinion. I just think anyone who dismisses these films as “not art” are doing them a disservice, and may be missing the point.

  3. Im not a big fan of super hero movies and would prefer a scorsese film but hes way wrong about this. The point of cinema is to make profit and entertain. And the super hero movies (although over saturating the market imo) do both of those very well.

  4. 🤷 He’s not entirely wrong. They’re pure entertainment. Magical and fun without being too serious. But I think they absolutely convey human emotion. These characters aren’t just running around saving the planet with no consequences. They experience loss and heartbreak, joy and fear just like anyone else. Otherwise no one would be watching them.

  5. Love Scorsese, but he’s being a bit snobbish right here. You need all kinds of genres in the movies. Don’t want to be stuck with just one kind of emotion.

  6. “Artist A” proclaims that by his arbitrary standards, “Artist B” is not producing “real” art. He is certainly entitled to his opinion as are those who agree or disagree. But like beauty, art is a subjective thing ultimately decided by the beholder and that is the way it should be. Disrespect demeans the the speaker as much as the spoken of.

  7. Well the man is entitled to his opinion. Semantics are fine. I don’t know if he is being pedantic or just overly arrogant. MCU movies are entertaining and I leave the theatre feeling good and never thinking I wasted my money. That’s my goal in a movie.

  8. He’s a pretentious prick. The films aren’t great works of art,but they are entertaining and that’s all that should matter. People are too ready to put films down these days. we’re losing our ability to have fun and mock those who try to give us it

  9. I agree that a good marvel movie has left me feeling that kinda ‘theme park’ buzz. Not much else on a derp emotive level. So I kinda agree with Marty. It’s been a blast to see these comic heroes brought to the big screen. But my overall feeling now is saturation point. I have no huge desire to see another Marvel flick. The best dare I say was Thor Ragnarok.

  10. They are entertaining and that’s what a lot of people really need.i could say more but to each his own. Besides wasn’t that the basis of when films started ENTERTAINING?

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