16 Replies to “Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Trailer Goes 930 Years Into The Future”

  1. I could only handle one season. Back in the past but way more advanced then the future?. Pity, series had great potential but the amount of virtue signalling subtext throughout made it unwatchable for me .

  2. Unfortunately the Picard series is heading down the same agenda driven path, as this show is. How is it getting a third series when everyone seems to hate it.

  3. All the haters on here remind me of the DS9 hate. I’ve completely watched DS9 three times now.

    I’ve already watched the first two seasons of ST: Discovery, twice each.

    For me escapism is like going on a road trip and someone else is deciding where to go. While I don’t necessarily care for the direction I’m just glad to be in the car.

  4. Well I enjoyed everything about Discovery except Burnham. The second season with Pike was enjoyable. To me Star Trek was about the voyages and crew of any ship. They have lost their way by focusing on one character.

  5. So is this going to be a really weird time travel thing then?? Unless you kill of the federation…. or something else weird… There tech is MASSIVELY OLD!!!

  6. Open mind required for Discovery. As is the case for any Star Trek enthusiast, as Star Trek promotes understanding and tolerance above all else. Odd, when you consider the acidic tone of some criticism and berating of those with differing opinions! Discovery is just a modern telling of the story. Just because its set ten years before Kirk, doesn’t mean you have to full on channel Matt Jefferies designs and colours, all that should stay in the 60s. You must allow for improved VFX, set design, prosthetics. But if its bad storytelling, trying to rewrite canon (which if seen to season two conclusion, it doesn’t) or poor acting, weak characters….all that is okay. The main problem is two billion fans whom all think the vision in their own head is better.

  7. I couldn’t get past the 4th or 5th episode of season 1 (the Tardigarde episode). I hate what they did to the Klingons and it’s mood is way too dark.

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