25 Replies to “Why Some MCU Fans Don’t Like Captain Marvel”

  1. The most amusing part for me was how they just KNEW the film was going to suck and they spent months leading up too it attacking both the film and the actress relentlessly. And then the film showed up and made billions. 1.128 billion to be exact. They wanted the film too suck and flop so that it would prove them right and the film did the exact opposite. They will never admit they were wrong, that her acting was good and the film was amazing but it is fun to see them still try and attack it now that it has done so well.

  2. She has the range of a fence post. That’s why. Plain and simple. Those of us who’ve watched more movies than Marvel ones, knew this as soon as they announced her casting. She sucks. The character, in the comics, is awesome, and has more emotion than she could ever muster.

  3. It has nothing to do with her being a woman. She just isn’t a very good actress and the character was flat with no life. Not saying that some idiots just didnt like a woman being cast.

  4. It was a decent movie. Her acting was a bit dry, but I wouldn’t say bad. My problem with the movie was two things. Captain Marvel has always been a man and although I have no problem with women super hero’s, I don’t like it when they change a character’s gender or race. Two. Captain Marvel is supposed to be Mar Vail, not a human underling. Hence the name Captain Marvel.

  5. They don’t accept her for the person she is because she’s a feminist & has what they see as horrible political opinions. She’s actually very sweet & cares about other people & she’s beautiful & sexy too. The haters really need to stop living in the past when comic books needed to matter.

  6. Because she would be able to beat the Robotech Defense Force, the Zentradi, the Imperial Fleet, the Rebels, the United Federation of Plantes, the Klingons, the Romulans, the Dominion, the Ferengi, Voltron, the Thundercats, the Gobots, and the Transformers all at once. She is invincible and therefore sucks.

  7. Larsen’s had more emotion in endgame than in Capt marvel. She said the film was an expression of her activism. In Capt marvel, she showed a lack of ability to emote. The reason she felt held back in her life was by men. Her comments also made her sound like a condescending feminist. They used the most devisive form of the character in the comics.

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