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  1. Infinite diversity in infinite combination. Also, the spice agony is synonymous with ancient mysterys. I am writhing in the sand with a agony of my own. My worms were dragons in the heavens, revering our coming, much as shi hulud worshiped to the heavens revering the stars for bringing muadib.

  2. Arghhhhhh are you serious?! That would mean opening a book. You can’t expect people to read a book. What’s wrong with you.
    Coincidentally opening a book would also have taught you that melange means mixture. If Frank Herbert had meant variety he would probably have used the french word variété. Which, you guessed it, means variety. Although that would have been freakin obvious then.

  3. The spice melange has a variety of effects depending on how it’s used. The navigators are created using it and when Lady Jessica used it while she was pregnant, it caused Alia to be born with a fully developed adult mind or something.

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