21 Replies to “Does Marvel Really Need Someone Like Tony Stark to Lead the MCU?”

  1. Yes , he was one of the best things so far and the dynamic between him and pretty much everyone he interacted with made it entertaining

  2. The easy answer is “yes”. The MCU needs someone that fans and casual moviegoers can root for. There’s nobody of his stature left alive in the series.

  3. “Maybe the future MCU heroes need a maternal figure rather than a paternal one”
    Oh God, you could see the SJW angle coming a mile away. Be a bit more imaginarium SciFi.

  4. I would say so. That is important for success of such movies. The franchise would die if such heroes & heroines didn’t exist.

  5. Stark/Iron Man started it all off and basically ended the first three phases. He more or less connected all the films together. Nothing really jumps out at me from the new batch of films announced. I’ll still watch them but cannot see who is going to “lead” the heroes from now on.

  6. No. Guardians of the Galaxy and the success of “one off” films like Joker, Logan and Deadpool, prove that the Marvel Studios (and DC) can thrive on quality films.
    But RDJ’s charisma is irreplaceable
    Marvel Studios is going to infuse some of its other characters with overlapping aspirational character traits to compensate for loss of RDJ

  7. A witty, charismatic character that’s smart, capable and extremely liked by the fanbase in general that doesn’t push any dumbass agenda? YES.

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