10 Replies to “Star Wars Backtracks – Rey Isn’t the Last Jedi Just Yet?”

  1. Right. She picks up a lightsaber for the first time in the first film and becomes the equivalent of a Jedi Master at the end of that 2 hour schlockfest when it took Luke 3 films to get there (with training from an actual Jedi Master). And nobody seems to say, whoa, wait, what the fuck happened to the art of writing a coherent script that actually makes some kind of sense? Piss on Disney.

  2. It was Luke in his dispair who saw her as the last because he thought both the Jedi and the Sith should die out. That boy in last sceen who used the force to grab his broom proves that.

  3. I didnt want to spoil the surprise but in Star Wars IX, half way through they find the ancient phone number. They call it. A guy with a tank top T-shirt and a beer answers the phone. Last Jedi’s, Joe speaking…

    James Randy Blevins They’ll be a figurine of Joe

  4. Change them perhaps. Thst whole clip of what looks like Rey in a Sith outfit might just be her for once bringing a balance to the Force. In the books after Vadar came about it was Yoda who saw that the imbalance was that the force had become too led by the good. So in essence the one who became Vadar had restored that balance.

  5. Disney bought Star Wars.
    Disney jumped straight in and commissioned a script for chapter 7 and then made it. They didn’t sit back, take their time and give the writers the chance to write a coherent trilogy.
    Complain all you want about the prequel trilogy but at least it was a solid, linear story.


    The Last Jedi was woeful. I still like it. I’m a fan. But it was woeful.

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