7 Replies to “Francis Ford Coppola Takes Scorsese’s Side, Calls Marvel Movies Despicable”

  1. Just like everything the meanings of words evolve, and just because something is a bit derivative and non-inspired doesn’t mean that it loses the cinema title, just like a car that is boring and simple doesn’t stop being a car. I think some old-timers are trying to stay relevant in a world that is out growing their narrow views. IMHO.

  2. Who care what these out if touch guys think. I can watch marvel movies, and a lot of others, over and over and be entertained. Can’t watch theirs but once and be like ok movie glad I waited for it to come on TV

  3. All the triggered marvel fans that claim to be fans of the comics and yet cant see how Disney fuc*ed y’all hard and y’all keep wanting it more

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