25 Replies to “‘Gemini Man’ Deemed a Bomb, Will Probably Lose at Least $75 Million”

  1. Ang Lee,remake Duel in the Sun,now this would be a sure winner if done right with the right cast and keep original soundtrack.

  2. I don’t go to movies where the actors continuously tell me how to live my life. I don’t care for their opinions. I only care about their acting. Once you step outside those parameters, I no longer care to spend my hard earned $$ on your line of work. Maybe enough people are feeling the same way and this is the result! Bummer cause I used to go to all his movies. Oh well.

  3. Well u definitely have to roll the dice in Hollywood right now win some lose some but Will Smith is still doing good dispite some bombs but he has to give it his all in every movie i think he is a fine actor remember Burt Lancaster alot of people thought he would not make it either never judge a book by it’s cover

  4. Will Smith is an acquired taste. Unfortunately, his movies since Men In Black have sucked on lemons.

  5. I am just glad that he keeps taking chances on what should be good scifi/fantasy. I don’t know where the blame for this moving failing lies, and I can’t get out to see it, but I plan on watching as soon as I get the chance (in theaters or at home).

  6. They were pushing this hard. Just by how hard they were pushing it, I figured it was in trouble. Damn, he could have just donated to me and 74 other people!

  7. A reboot or sequel comes out “We are tired of this! Give us something new!” Something new comes out: NOBODY goes to see it lol

  8. the guy that wrote several TNG episodes and DS9 mark zeckry? said that it was a good movie. not great but good.

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