11 Replies to “Leia Speaks 1 Word In Final ‘Star Wars’ Trailer And It Reduced Fans To Tears”

  1. These “tears” were for the absolute hack/hit job done on Star Wars by Disney,Jar Jar Abrams,and Ruin Johnson. Screw u all!!

  2. yes – tears – because she had even one word – that she is even in a Star Wars film anymore

  3. I watched eps 3, 4, & 5 at least a dozen times each since ’77. I watched the prequel trilogy eps once each. Same for the sequel trilogy. None of the pre or post trilogies have the magic of the original trilogy. The effects are superb and the acting is generally better but the stories are weak by comparison and, as many have argued, little more than do-overs of the originals. I’ll watch ep 9 once for closure, but that’s it. BTW, Rogue One was excellent.

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