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  1. idk I watched that a little while ago. the premise is interesting but the story telling was horrible.

  2. NO. STOP REMAKING MOVIES. How about a continuation of the story? Or a sequel? Or a prequel? But no more “REMAKES”! UGH.

  3. That’s one that actually does need a good remake. The original movie was crap. It made no sense it you know the book.

  4. The only movie I’d like to see re-made with today’s tech is “Fantastic Voyage”. Can you imagine?

  5. Oh and they did, kinda I consider it a “rip off remake” the movie “In time”. They all have clocks on their wrists. Seems like it stole most of its concept from Logan’s Run.

  6. Do a Logan’s Run Tv show! Where the first season is discovering the truth. Second season is running, and third season is fighting back

  7. Yes! Remake: Logan’s Run, Blake’s Seven, The Starlost, Fantastic Voyage – there are so many others which could be upgraded into better shows!

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