19 Replies to “Have There Been Too Many Star Wars? Disney’s President Thinks So”

  1. Of course, there have – but so what? They’re still in demand and entertaining (even if it’s just for the sake of a spirited argument). Everyone who grew up with this mythos will continue to enjoy them on some level (nostalgia has a voracious appetite). As long as the people behind it continue to make SERIOUS creative efforts (not just pumping out placating pictorial placebos), the public will continue to support them. And, I’m OK with that. Carry on. 🙂

  2. …I’m 68 now…(the same age as Mark Hamill), yeah, slow down the franchise so we’ll both be dead before they make the next one…😬

  3. There is zero evidence to support there being too many. Just admit shortly you screwed up the solo release and let it go.

  4. Yes, too many shitty star war movies. How about improving quality. Still a demand out there for quality sci-fi.

  5. Maybe it would’ve been better to do a fresh new story instead of rehashing the original trilogy. Bone head idea doomed to failure

  6. Well conceived and executed Star Wars films? Maybe. We are almost done with the Skywalker saga. Its a big galaxy. Lots of great tales to be told anywhere or at any time. Keep rolling! Ill clear my schedule if you need a script or treatment!

  7. No. There’s been too many bad star wars movies. The market would greedily lap up all you can throw at it as long as they’re good. Stop Focusing on future Merchandising And go back to Focusing on making a good. The Merchandising will come

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