16 Replies to “Is Andy Serkis the Right Choice for Alfred in ‘The Batman’? Fans Aren’t Into It”

  1. I really like him as an actor but he a much better villain than hero. He is great at playing a rougher character and Alfred is very clean cut and proper. They should keep him in the movie but maybe cast someone else as Mr Pennyworth. My fav is still Michael Cain

  2. No typical of hollywood and there miscasting first robert patenson as batman now sertis as alfred what next vin diesel as mr freeze

  3. Robert Pattinson will be a great Batman, Serkis an excellent Alfred and Vin Diesel would be an excellent choice as Freeze.

  4. He is very good at what he does. I would like to see what he might bring to the table for the character .

  5. It doesn’t bother me at all. He will do great as Alfred. Too many people just underestimate his acting abilities.

  6. When have Batman fans ever been happy? Except when they are telling you how much better their dark and depressing Batman movie was than anything Marvel

  7. I see him more as Hari Sheldon in Isaac Asminov’s Foundation Series. If any Hollywood studio/producer had the balls to make the books into a series of movies.

  8. He’s a really good actor think he’d do well as Alfred.
    Boy this post is very one sided i haven’t heard anyone making negative comments about this rumour

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