12 Replies to “Star Wars 9 Sunset Scene Left Rise of Skywalker Crew Shaken”

  1. Test screenings are a disaster according to reports. Igor who sat in on the last screening was furious when the test audience laughed when rey was easily defeating Palpatine. So wonderful news lol. Go woke, and hopefully go broke

  2. Is there actually ANYONE who hasn’t heard that this is how the movie ends???
    Or who thinks it’s a massive anti-climax if it is???
    I mean, it has to be a red herring, right???

  3. If it’s gotten to the point where a once totally respected franchise has to oversell its next installment by dropping as many clips and “quotes” from the cast and crew to help bolster it, that to me waves major red flags 🚩 in regards to what the quality of the finished movie will be. There’s a pattern that I’ve noticed with these big franchise films. The moment a studio isn’t confident in the overall quality of a hugely expensive movie (especially one in a popular franchise like Star Wars) they advertise the hell out of it to entice as many people as possible to watch it in the hopes that they’ll still be able to recoup as much of the money they spent making it on opening weekend before those audiences find out they’ve been sold a crappy movie that doesn’t live up to the advertised hype. Then we get stories about “what went wrong” during production as if it’s supposed to give those responsible for the poor quality a pass. Some of the movies that quickly come to mind:

    Suicide squad
    Batman vs Superman
    Justice League

    All train wrecks. The writer responsible for the last two on that tiny list is also the co-writer for this next movie. Let that sink in for a moment.

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