14 Replies to “Andy Serkis Confirmed as Alfred Pennyworth in ‘The Batman’”

  1. UHHHH, Like Andy but as Alfred?? Seems a bit of miscasting, of course this whole movie seems that way.

  2. Andy Serkis is a great actor as well as pioneering motion capture artist. I think he could pull off the Alfred character given the right direction. Who is directing this iteration of Batman? Woody Allen?

  3. Id like to see a trailer for this, and yeah i know, itll be a min lol…but im not a fan at all of the main character, as i havent liked anything hes been in, but whatever, i made it through George Clooney and Ben Affleck, so we’ll see lol…but i like Andy Serkis, but im curious if he can play off that badass british butler…

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