13 Replies to “‘The Rise of Skywalker’ and ‘The Phantom Menace’ Tie for Worst Reviewed ‘Star Wars’ Movie”

  1. Disney ruined Star Wars. Not only is it the worst Star Wars movie, it’s the worst movie to come out since Holmes and Watson.

  2. Solo had some bad reviews, but they were nothing when you compare them to the reviews that TFM and TROS received.

  3. Worse than the painfully wretched chemistry between Anakin and Pademe in Ep 2? I could watch Ep 1 any day of the week over that crap.

  4. The rise of skywalker is the worst steaming pice of $h!te ever made for any SW media , even the Christmast special was not that bad .

  5. I get why some people hated the phantom menace; it was too contradictory and different to the expectations that people had for the series–that’s how I felt for the last jedi. That said, episode 1 still felt like a thoroughly thought-out and well-planned movie (whether we liked where it went or not). The Rise of Skywalker felt like a messy disjointed workaround that tried to fix some plot holes while making new ones… but at least it redeemed Luke’s character.

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