5 Replies to “‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’ writer says it was too easy for Rey’s parents to be nobodies”

  1. Easy? For a character not to have a special precarved destiny to embrace or reject? I enjoyed TROS, but I *loved* Rian making her a nobody the Force chose as its champion.

  2. To justify Rey’s power levels and her abilities to do everything as good, if not better than OT characters- you needed something to make it believable to the many people who had followed the trilogy. I understand the Palpatine choice- although the evil family thing is far too similar to the Vader reveal to be memorable. A lot of the fan division could have been removed by just making her a natural Skywalker- justifying the name of the film and supplying a reason why Luke didn’t kick her arse when she came at him! lol 😉

  3. Apparently it was too easy for this guy to get it wrong. Star Wars was written for 12 year old kids

  4. I loved that she was “Rey Nobody.” Finally, a force-sensitive character who wasn’t tied a lineage like the Skywalkers, or Obi-Wan (a popular theory after TFA was that she was Obi-Wan’s granddaughter.) Her strength and determination came from herself and the harsh life she’d led growing up. I think it made it easier for a lot people in the audience to relate to the character. Making her a Palpatine negated that. The origin of her powers was no longer due to her own agency, it was due to her being the descendant of an evil old man. Also, her parents sold her to keep her safe? Why couldn’t they find a better situation than selling her to junk dealer on Jakku? In all of the whole huge galaxy, they couldn’t find a better place? Ah well, another huge plot hole in a movie full of them.

  5. Having Rey a Palpatine makes it much more fascinating from a mythology and narrative point of view. I mean, there has never been a kick ass female Jedi seen on-screen in the Skywalker trilogy before as well, which suggests they were not cut out to be soldiers, but more mediators of the peace, so it makes sense she has many of Palpatine’s amazing force powers inside of her.

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