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  1. Death Star has the power to blow it into millions of little cubes that will reform into a stronger large cube again and then destroy the Death Star

  2. Issues Droids would F up the borg. AI tech in Star Wars makes Star Trek AIs a joke. Borg collective intelligence would get driven to heel by the sheer might of the Star Wars available AIs. The Empire has plenty of people familar with a technology subversive opponents (aka CIS) that the Borg would get stymied and then eliminated.

  3. I think it’s funny how no one has pointed out that the Borg are a direct creation of the failure to destroy V’ger in the 1st Star Trek movie. You know, the whole ‘mistakes of the past coming to haunt your future’ thing

  4. No 8t wouldnt the death star would annihilate the cube, and The Borg would be able to adapt..star wars tech uses heated plasma ,not lasik frequency modulations

  5. If the Death Star get of a shot that cube is toast but if the Borg beam over and assimilate it the universe is toast

  6. The fire power of The Death Star would destroy the Borg cube IF the Borg didn’t beam aboard the Death Star and assimilate everyone. However, what effect would Sith Force have on The Borg?

  7. Borg would shut that broke ass DS down in a heart beat. they would still be powering up after assimilation.

  8. I would imagine the Death Star’s main weapon would obliterate a Borg cube.

    If the Borg beam across to the Death Star, Vader would deal with them.

  9. Black Templar neophyte: They bicker again about which is stronger, lord.
    Black Templar Chaplin: hold my libation.

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