49 Replies to “The End of Movie Theaters? Study Claims 70% of Moviegoers Would Rather Watch at Home”

  1. It’s not like people don’t enjoy the experience of going to a movie with a big screen and great sound plus yummy goodies, especially theatre popcorn because there’s nothing like it, but nowadays u might as well be at home as pay thru the nose for two hours if entertainment plus the penchant for showing commercials, not previews but actual commercials before the film.

  2. Not me. My local movies do a $5 Tuesday night movie, and I used to go every single week, by myself. I miss that the most about quarantine.

  3. Drive ins people. They are awesome. But we need to stop daylight savings time so they can start earlier

  4. I love going the pictures. Its the people at the cinema that ruin the experience

  5. Study of home theatre enthusiasts reveal that they would prefer to watch movies in their personal home theatres. Then headline changed to make people think this applies to all theatres…. (not saying this is true, but my cynicism of false research studies immediately went there)

  6. I didn’t buy a 110 inch tv to go watch it with strangers and beside I can’t pause the thing.

  7. Just about every aspect of going to the cinema has become massively expensive. The only thing going down over the past few years, is the size of your seat – people are crammed into those rooms like cattle, chomping, slurping, burping and farting all over the quiet bits… Drives a sane man mad! Unless they change for the better, cinemas are doomed.

  8. I used to love going to the theater but the lack of control with people talking, texting, answering phone calls in the middle of a film just burned me out.

  9. You can only rip people off for so long with outrages tucketpruces and extortion rate popcorn. Good riddance!

  10. The other 30% have children..any nite way is good time wasted..plus it’s called television not theatre..

  11. Study’s show if you start a statement with study’s show,99% of people will believe your bullshit!

  12. The big screen and sound is great but that’s the ONLY draw for me. Overpriced snacks (unless you smuggle in your own), can’t pause if you need to use the latrine, noisy people and children all around, and expensive ticket prices? Unless it’s a movie that is something truly exceptional, hard pass.

  13. Got a full Dolby atmos surround system and 65″curved 3d oled screen, if I could get the latest films I’d rather watch them at home.

  14. Noooo!! I love the theater experience. The only thing I don’t like is the assholes who use their phones, talk loudly through the movie and take their shoes off and put their ugly ass, nasty feet up on the seats. If those people stay away and theaters open, it would be awesome to see movies again.

  15. Depends on the movie, some are enjoyable in the theater, others, well I can wait for a cheap release, or torrent it 😛

  16. At the current prices, screw’em. Wonder how much the summer blockbusters would make this year if they tried PPV? They should give it a try, just to see what happens.

  17. Nope I’m much happier doing it at home as a family that’s $80 trip at home it’s a hell of a lot cheaper and cleaner

  18. $15.00 at the door EACH, $5.00 for a regular pop, $8.00 for a small popcorn, oh you want some fake butter on that popcorn add another $1.50 and the theater seats have not been cleaned since the day the were installed, so I wonder why I have not been to a theater in years…

  19. Redesign the business model, tables and chairs, waiters, food and drinks to order all at standard prices. Pricey tickets and expensive popcorn in an environment you can’t pause to go to the bathroom won’t be here for long.

  20. It’s a rip off, most of the time their empty, reduce the prices and people will go.

  21. Well let’s see the numbers, Netflix as an example is under $10 a month to watch at home, nite out at theaters for just two is between 20-30 just for tickets, god forbid you want 20 dollar popcorn…throw in payparking and gas on top of that. (Could easily spend over a hundred on two people, imagine a family) You think they would learn overcharging us is killing themselves. *shrugs*

  22. Love going out to see movies but having kids now it’s tough finding a sitter for every film I want to see. I would rather rent a movie at home for $20 and have a stay at home date night with husband.

  23. They can make them into stages for sit down gigs. .too available on line..stop streaming by stop producing and providing the films and music for them on streaming systems..only available at theatre to view..same for music only on website..so if u miss it it’s your own problem…entices people by No opinion..same as opinion. .reverse it..too multi choice for people at the moment..and that’s why these IT companies are killing it by undercutting prices. .9.99$..5.00£€…these are all just gimmicks which is driving the price up for the Cinemas and Theatres..if ordinary people don’t realise it then what would happen if films and music was removed from eg.Netflix. .Spotify. .they wouldn’t have any bussiness. …streaming is the biggest concern ever ..the Artist isn’t paid or not paid enough..I and brother know that becuase we are musicans…

  24. i only go watch 3d movies in theater , if they close them , it will be the end of 3d movies since they dont release blu ray 3d nor 3d tv in store here anymore 🙁

  25. Sandy Gottobrio Welsh Dannelle Guitson Jenkins there’s just special about going to the movies. Previews, the smell and now the comfy chairs and nothing beats IMAX. And let’s not forget Maria.

  26. I used to like going to the movies but now they are just to loud and to many disrespectful people go.

  27. Hmmm 16 a month, or 100 dollars for 2 ppl to go to a theater. Not really a hard choice.

  28. God no cznt be a trip to the flicks.
    Besides might be a while before I get my home IMAX cinema

  29. It’s a rip-off. Theatres argue that increased advertising offsets price increases, but the prices go up and there’s 30 minutes of forced dross before a movie. Then the extortionate prices of food and drink, if you’re bothered. And then being surrounded by inconsiderate mutts. Not compelling.

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